8 Best Men’s Traditional Khadi Kurtas For Your Collection


8 Best Men’s Traditional Khadi Kurtas For Your Collection

Wearing the same old clothes in your wardrobe every day might be boring for you. With hundreds of tabs opened for new fits, you might still not have stumbled upon the perfect fit. Well, you can rest assured that this will be your final destination. Clothes are one of the basic needs for human survival, but they perform many other functions, too. They help you appear stylish, keep you comfortable, and more. You need clothes that can keep you comfortable and relaxed all day. Adding a little bit of style to these won't hurt, either. All of these qualities can be found in one fit – Khadi kurtas. So here's a look into the 8 best Khadi Sadan's traditional kurta design you can add to your collection. 

Explore These Traditional Designs in Khadi 

Check out these 8 Khadi kurtas for men from Khadi Sadan.

1. Khadi Short Kurta in Purple: 

Purple - the shade of royalty and rarity. Celebrate these qualities in you by gifting yourself this Khadi short kurta in p

6urple color. It’s perfect for a casual day out and can be paired with an embroidered waistcoat to add some extra elegance. You can also add a pair of juttis to the look if you want to exude sophistication. The breathable fabric of this kurta makes it a highly comfortable choice. Be it summer or winter, you are sure to make this kurta your next go-to piece you’ll always want to wear. 

2. Long White Khadi Kurta

There’s a color that you can never go wrong with during summer – white. Something about this color just draws one’s attention to it completely. White looks simple yet sophisticated, but don’t these qualities remind you of a certain someone, too? Well, your simple yet sophisticated self deserves some quality appreciation. That’s why this white Khadi kurta can be a good choice to add to your wardrobe. Just as white symbolizes purity and honesty, this elegant kurta is the best way to exude those qualities. 

3. Light Blue Khadi Cotton Kurta: 

Blue is perhaps the color that is the favorite of most people. If you fall among this population, this light blue Khadi kurta is surely the perfect new addition to your collection. This kurta comes with a classic fit and breathable material. You can go on with your daily activities with ease and comfort. This kurta looks effortlessly chic and cool. You can pair it with white jeans for added coolness. You can also go for a traditional look by pairing it with a dupatta and a pair of juttis. No matter how you style it, you are sure to love it!

4. Off-White Blended with Green Khadi Kurta: 

Some days, we just want to look extra! We want our uniqueness to reflect through what we wear. The Khadi Sadan off-white blend with green Khadi kurta is a charming amalgam of unique shades. You will surely stand out from the crowd wearing this fit. It’s perfect for all types of occasions and seasons. Hence, it’s not just an extraordinary gift; it’s timeless, too. It will never go out of style, and its strong durability makes it last long. If you want all eyes on you, this kurta will serve the purpose effortlessly!

5. Khadi Short Kurta in Golden: 

Let your inner glow reflect with this Khadi Sadan’s Khadi short kurta in golden. The color is sure to bring out your hidden radiance and charm. Pair it with jeans, trousers, or dhoti; this versatile kurta is sure to turn heads either way. Made from pure Khadi, you will love and appreciate this sustainable yet stylish kurta. It is highly durable and long-lasting. Hence, it’s going to be equally worthwhile years later, too. After all, trends come and go, but what’s timeless will stay stylish forever. 

6. Khadi Short Kurta in Maroon: 

Maroon is the color associated with wisdom, responsibility, and thoughtfulness. As we get older, we must develop all these characteristics in ourselves. It takes a lot of years and effort to possess these traits and embrace them. Hence, it only makes sense to celebrate these qualities with a color that honors the same. Khadi Sadan’s maroon Khadi kurta is highly comfortable and attractive. Thanks to its versatility, it brings out confidence in matters of the head and passion in matters of the heart. Indeed, it is the perfect addition!

7. Green Khadi Cotton Kurta

From casual to formal settings, Khadi Sadan’s green Khadi cotton kurta is the perfect fit for all events. This calming and refreshing kurta complements all types of skin tones. Hence, it is sure to bring out the wearer’s charm. Green is the color that also helps you look fresh. It makes you appear as someone grounded in their sense of self. If you want to exude this sort of vibe, it’s time to let the world know of your calm personality with this green Khadi kurta. It’s sure to put you in a relaxing mood all day. 

8. Khadi Cotton Kurta Combo: 

Can’t make up your mind to choose the perfect color for your collection? Well, when in doubt, just go for the combo. Khadi Sadan’s Khadi Cotton kurta combo lets you choose any 2 Khadi kurta colors of your choice. Be it blue or green, purple or maroon, there's a wide variety of colors to choose from. Moreover, the comfortable fabric and stylish look of these kurtas is sure to make you want more. So why choose just one piece when you can add more?

Reasons To Add Khadi Sadan Kurtas To Your Collection 

Khadi - the name of this fabric speaks for itself. It has long been a favored piece of fabric for many Indians. Its connection with nature and appreciation for it has won the hearts of many. However, don’t let all of its eco-friendly features limit its benefits. It has more to offer but whether you get the best of it or not depends on the brand you choose. 

Khadi Sadan’s Khadi cotton kurtas are handwoven by expert Indian weavers. These carefully crafted pieces are made with 100% pure cotton. Their super soft and breathable material keeps you in the cocoon of comfort all day. Whether you have a tight schedule ahead or just want to relax, these kurtas are the perfect fit. Fabricated using pure Khadi, Khadi Sadan’s products are durable and eco-friendly. They can be washed easily and will retain their original quality for a long time. 

They come in varying attractive colors. You can also buy combos and pick any 2 colors of your choice if you don’t want to limit yourself to one color. Moreover, the design and cut of these kurtas are highly versatile. You can wear it as a traditional fit, casual, casual formal, or formal wear. Rest assured, when these kurtas make their way into your wardrobe, you don’t have to worry anymore about what to wear tomorrow. 

Final Thoughts 

Khadi clothes have since long been associated with comfort. The best thing about this material is that it gives you this comfort without hurting the environment or your sense of style. Khadi Sadan’s kurtas give you the best of everything. These traditional kurta design are breathable, durable, environmentally friendly, and stylish. Be it for a casual day or a formal day – it’s perfect anyway!

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