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How To Sport Trendy Cotton Kurta For Men This Summer: A Style Guide

As the sun becomes brighter and hotter, fashion undergoes a full 180 degrees to suit the comfort of the modern man. What one needs in times like these is an alluring piece that suits one's comfort and style. Men's fashion has one particularly charming piece of clothing that is a perennial favorite. It is the cotton kurta for men that has sustained the test of time to emerge as a wonderful option that goes with about everything. This guide delves into the world of cotton kurtas and how they are the perfectly trendy wear this summer. While doing this, we explore the various colours that cotton kurtas come, the styles that favour the tastes of men, and how you can find the right fit to sport this summer!

Why Is The Cotton Kurta For Men Such A Trendy Wear In Summers?

When the summers become hotter and sometimes unbearable, it is important that you incorporate fashionable but breathable outfits into your wardrobe. The cotton kurta is a true champion amongst not just traditional wears for men but also casual outfits. It is great for keeping you cool and dry in scorching conditions. Cotton is the best fabric for summer, unlike other synthetic materials that trap heat and moisture. Cotton boasts maximum breathability, letting your body cool down while it swears and maintains a sense of freshness throughout the day. What is even more impressive is its lightweight nature that adds to your appeal without restricting your flow. Since cotton kurtas are naturally elegant and have natural properties for providing comfort, they are simply the most "must-have" item that every man needs in his summer wardrobe.

Cotton kurtas further boast great versatility for modern men. You may be going to a casual daytime gathering, a formal evening event, or maybe running errands throughout the market; whatever you are up to, the cotton kurta is your best friend. Its elegant touches make you shine on every occasion, while its breathability properties help you stay comfortable no matter how high the temperature goes!

Last but not least, cotton is also a pretty sustainable, renewable, and natural source of fiber. Its biodegradability is another advantage, along with the fact that it takes much less energy to produce cotton kurtas than it does to make synthetic fiber ones. When you choose to get a cotton kurta, you are choosing to be stylish and also a sustainable fashion consumer.

Best Kurta Cotton Colours For Men This Summer

Cotton kurtas come in various colours, hues, and shades. You may get spoilt for choice this summer when you see the variety you can find within just one colour. We have picked out some trending colours that go well with summer attire:

Maroon Kurta

Maroon is a rich and vibrant shade, something that is synonymous with summer attire. It also is a sign of greater sophistication and warmth, but one that shines as an excellent choice when you wish to attend some casual occasions or formal events. You can pair this piece with a neutral trouser to create a more laid back look. When put together with tailored bottoms, you create a more polished outfit. A maroon cotton kurta ensures you make a stylish statement wherever you go.

Coffee Kurta

The men who want an effortlessly chic look will love a coffee-colored kurta this summer. It is an ideal choice because it resembles the sunny landscapes and has the creamy aesthetic of coffee. It is perfect for a lazy summer afternoon because this hue goes with a wide range of skin tones. You can easily dress up or down with this piece according to the occasion.

White Kurta

The white kurta is a timeless classic for every man looking to boast freshness through his looks. It is an important piece for summer due to how versatile it is in styling. The best way to define a piece is crispness, a clean look, and effortless elegance. You can bring layers or additions of personal style to the outfit with this comfortable summer cotton kurta.

Wheat Kurta

The wheat kurta is the immediate successor of the white kurta in both versatility and comfort. It boasts a relaxed aesthetic, making it perfect for casual summer outings with friends. It perfectly captures the feelings that come from viewing the sun-kissed expanses of land and the golden summer sunsets. Nothing says summer is here better than a well-styled wheat kurta.

Green Kurta

The green kurta is the epitome of growth, renewal, and vibrancy of the summer season. Bringing this piece into your wardrobe will be perfect for boasting a fresh burst of energy. You can go for a deep forest green or a softer shade of green to make your summer look even more sophisticated.

Light Blue Kurta

The blue skies of a bright, sunny summer sky are effortlessly captured in the light blue kurta. It reminds you of a new freshness and the tranquil oceanic waves. This is a soothing shade that suits all summer apparel perfectly.

Styles In Cotton Kurtas For Men

Now that you know which colours in cotton kurtas are currently trending, it is time to know which style options you can choose from:

Short Kurta

Short kurtas are the perfect casual summer wear without compromising on your true style. They provide a more relaxed fit and show your effortless style. You can put these together with jeans, shorts, or linen trousers to create the perfect summer outfit.

Long Kurta

For formal and ethnic family events, long kurtas make a dashing comeback. Cotton long kurtas are the perfect summer attire that shows your traditional aesthetic while providing ample comfort. It comes off as a truly sophisticated outfit when put together with matching kurta pants.

Self-pattern Kurta

For those bored of plain textures, self-pattern kurtas bring a lot of aesthetic texture and visual appeal. These astonishing pieces add to your summer wardrobe perfectly, adorning it with subtle stripes, soft embroidery, and even motifs.

Khadi Kurta

Khadi kurtas are handcrafted marvels that boast only the finest artistry and craftsmanship of Indian weavers. These are full of character and are highly breathable for your comfort in the summer. These work perfectly with any bottom piece to create the right fit.

How To Choose The Right Cotton Kurta This Summer?

When choosing the right kurta for men, certain aspects must be taken care of. Let us understand these in detail:

Understand The Occasion

When buying a brand new cotton kurta this summer, get your priorities straight according to the occasion. Understand what the event demands and what overall aesthetic is asked of you. If it is a casual outing, you can go for short kurtas with pale colours. If it is a formal event, a tailored long kurta will work perfectly.

Know Your Style

Every man has his unique style that he must keep in mind when choosing a cotton kurta. Your kurta should reflect your individual nature and personality, so choose accordingly. If you have more classic tastes, go for timeless designs like smooth white or embroidered. If you like a modern touch in your kurta, use bolder colours like maroon. You can further experiment with colours and patterns to get the perfect kurta.

Prioritize Comfort

While you keep in mind your style and the occasion, do not undermine your comfort. The whole point of wearing cotton kurtas in summer is to feel ventilated and lightweight. Your clothes need to allow maximum airflow and ventilation. Ensure your clothes are not too tight around your neckline and sleeves. Remember, cotton kurtas must be your perfect fit in the scorching heat and not a source of discomfort.


The cotton kurta is the ultimate comfort and style statement this summer. For every modern gentleman, there is now a choice in vibrant colours, epic styles, and much more. Beat the summer and embrace fine fashion with your perfect cotton kurta today.

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