Make Your Khadi Clothes Last Longer


Khadi is a versatile fabric, it’s natural /organic, skin-friendly.
It never goes out of fashion and that’s why these tips to make a stunning dress would help you today or someday in planning your wardrobe. Many people associate a khadi dress with rough-looking Khaddar / rough cloth but the reality of this organic fabric is far from perception.

Khadi – A Magical Fabric!
Before you decide to make yourself a dress out of khadi clothe, it is essential that I tell you a few things about it.
It is a natural and smart fabric, which is skin-friendly and eco-friendly.
It may or may not be pocket-friendly depending on the quality and brand you lay your hands on.
Remember, It Shrinks And It Needs Care.
No matter how good your dress is if it gets two inches shorter in its first wash. That is the reason, Khadi cotton must be pre-washed before dressmaking.
It is a natural fabric that’s why it needs a little care. Dry clean it for a fresh and composed texture especially if it is khadi silk. Khadi cotton can be hand washed and it gives a beautiful chic appearance if starched well for a stiff look. Before getting your dress stitched, make sure the fabric is shrunk enough.
Since it’s handmade, it requires gentle care and maintenance to keep your khadi clothing looking its best. Here are some steps to get your khadi clothes ready.
Let’s get started.
Step 1: Pre-treat
Pre-treat any stains with a mild cleaning solution. In a cup of water, mix 1 tsp. of mild detergent and mix well. Apply this solution on the stains and gently rub with your fingers. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes and rinse with cold water.
Step 2: Soak
To a bucket of cold water, add 1 tsp. of mild laundry detergent and soak your khadi clothes in this for 30 minutes.
Step 3: Wash
It’s time to wash! Generally, we suggest hand-washing khadi garments because these are delicate clothes. Always use cold water to hand-wash your khadi garments and rinse them gently. But if the wash care instructions suggest machine-washing, do so on a gentle wash cycle with cold water. Hot water is a big no-no! It could cause shrinkage and may also cause the fabric to roughen.
Step 4: Dry
Once you are done with washing, wring out excess water and allow them to dry naturally in the shade. Say no to hot ironing as this can damage khadi.
Key Step
Always wash your dark and light-colored clothes separately to prevent the color from transferring.
There you go! Follow these simple steps and wear your khadi clothes with pride.

Differentiate Real Khadi From Duplicate.
Right now, the situation is that you don’t find authentic khadi in each and every market.
There are only a few selected outlets, where you can get limited brand options to choose from.
That makes it easier for you to understand the fabric care instructions, mentioned by the brand to follow.
It is a good idea to go for authentic fabric than to buy duplicate clothe and curse them forever. To get a stunning dress, make sure you are buying what you are paying for.
Considering the comfort and soothing qualities of khadi, it’s worth a search to have it in any wardrobe in summers for coolness and winters for warmth.

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